About Michael

25 years in the making, I developed this new course to help your salespeople level up their connections and relationships.  

Since my very first sales job at age 22, I have been a student of the game. Having read just about every sales book, I’ve taken dozens of sales courses, listened to countless sales programs and I have been lucky enough to have had a few incredible sales managers that taught me lessons that impacted my entire career. There are sales skills that many salespeople never learn. Then as a sales trainer, I taught thousands of salespeople and sales managers from hundreds of companies. Salespeople are taught , they are not born.

As a company owner, I have built multi-million dollars businesses.

So, I decided it was time to share what I’ve learned with those that want to learn them. The most important lessons are included in this course.


 Salespeople will:

  •  Establish the ability to think on their feet
  •  Gain confidence
  •  Learn to build long term relationships
  •  Build successes
  •  Achieve career long fulfillment

I guarantee the results! What are you waiting for?

Sign your team up today.