Sales Training That Produces Succesful, Confident, Happy Salespeople

What are you doing to ensure your salespeople's success? We will teach them how to establish trust and successfully build relationships.

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Help Your People Shorten The Selling Cycle

Your Sales Team Will:

  • Get More  Appointements
  • Overcome Objections
  • Close More Business
  • Generate More Revenue


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The Tools Your Salespeople Need

  • Understand Who to Call, When to Call, and What to Say
  • Direct Your Conversations to Build Relationships (in-person, phone, & digital)
  • Get the information you need to create the RIGHT proposal
  • Expose the real objections and learn how to address them

Your Sales Team Will
Become Unstoppable

Beatriz Galvez

This course completely changed the way we sell. By making small adjustments to what we said on the phone, we literally grew our sales by 1100% in two months. We are pacing to increase our business by over $1,000,000.

Kevin Guerrier

I made an additional $15,000 in commissions in just 6 weeks after I applied what I learned in Michael's class. He's the real deal. He understands how to speak to the customer. When people like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

Frankie Giaquinto

I've closed way more business after working with Mike on my selling strategies. He tells it like it is. The way he taught me to reframe my questions completely shifted my conversations, giving me better customer insights and helped me to build better relationships. You'd never get that using a script.

Meet Michael

For over 25 years, I have trained salespeople to reach their ultimate potential. Just like you, I started out with lots of questions and couldn't figure out what was missing. I've read hundreds of sales books, attended dozens of seminars, and worked with amazing managers, coaches, and mentors.

I've fine-tuned my craft and now I'm going to share it with you! let me help you avoid anguish and frustration and save you TIME and ENERGY. I will teach you how to be your best. Let's get you to the results you've dreamed of. Let me help you to Become Unstoppable.

Become Unstoppable